Help finding the perfect gift for your loved one with mobility problems, including thoughtful and practical ideas to suit all tastes.

People with physical disabilities are individuals with unique abilities and challenges so gifts for seniors with mobility problems aren’t a one type fits all type of list. However, there are plenty of gift ideas that could be ideal for your loved one if they do have challenges with their mobility, that at the very least inspire you and at the most, completely fit the bill. Some gifts are appropriate for all levels of ability too, making it much easier to find something your relative will not only love, but will find really useful too.

Here are 6 gift ideas for your senior loved one with mobility problems:

  1. Footwear

For reduced dexterity slip on shoes, or shoes without shoelaces are ideal. Fleece lined boots are perfect for keeping a wheelchair users feet warm. More solid bottomed shoes are ideal for those who are on their feet a lot and who have mobility aids like walking sticks but you may need to get those professionally fitted.

  1. Memorable Experiences

Making memories is the best thing you can give to anybody, and just because your relative has challenges with their mobility, doesn’t mean they can’t experience life in all its glory. You could organise an afternoon tea in a venue you know is disability friendly, or you could be brave and organise a weekend away or something more challenging. Speak to their healthcare givers or live-in carers if you feel you need some advice and support in putting together an appropriate experience.

  1. A Posh Lap Tray

A lap tray is useful for a book, for an ipad, for a phone, or just for dinner. There are some really cute lap trays available with lovely patterns on, for a practical accessory suitable for everyone.

  1. Warmth

The elderly may have problems keeping warm because of circulation, and if they also have mobility issues, the cold becomes even more of an enemy. According to a study released in the media, one older person dies every 7 minutes in winter, and many people do worry about the colder months.

Giving the older person you love the gift of warmth is a really great idea for a gift. Great warm gifts include:

  • Big cosy faux fur blankets
  • Heatable wheat bags
  • Hot water bottles (mini and full size)
  • Heating pads
  • Gloves, socks and hats
  • The cost of their heating for six months
  1. Home Adjustments

Although your relative may be entitled to adjustments in the home that make life easier for their mobility, it may be that they aren’t entitled to enough to make the adjustments they would like. For a special gift this Christmas, you could arrange to make some of those adjustments. Having a door widened, having a chair lift fitted, grip handles added to the front door, or the carpets changed to lino could make a significant difference to their quality of life. Speak to their caregiver or live-in care provider or assisted living staff for some ideas on the best adjustments you could make.

  1. Therapeutic Treatments

Hand and foot massages, acupuncture or exfoliating treatments could all be therapeutic for your relative with their mobility issues. Complementary therapies can be very helpful alongside conventional medicine in stimulating blood flow, aiding in relaxation and even just helping with confidence. There are even studies to show acupuncture can aid in stroke recovery. Why not get your relative a voucher for a course of treatments so their New Year starts with a touch of special care and supported good health. Speak to your relatives live-in care provider or assisted living employees for information on specific treatments they would recommend.

Hopefully these six gifts have helped inspire your Christmas shopping for the mobility-challenged elderly person in your life. The very fact you are trying to get them a gift they will love already shows you care, and that love and effort will shine through whatever your gift to them is.