Searching for hairstyles for girls can lead you into a treasure trove of looks. But easy hairstyles are what everyone wants.  Here are five of the top ladies hair style this 2018. After a look at this list, you will not be typing “hair style girl” into your search bar any time soon!

Bob with bangs

2018 is seeing a strong trend in haircuts, and that is the bob with a fringe. There are no rules here—you can go for a long bob that is grazing your collarbones or a short one just below your ear lobe. When it comes to your bangs you can try the full bangs ala Zooey Deschanel, or wispier ones like Park Bo Ram. This is a very chic style that will make you look trendy in a snap.

Natural texture

Gone are the days when spending lots of time and money over straightening very curly hair was the norm. These days the hair trend is all about embracing your hair’s natural texture. So if your hair is on the kinky side, forget about waking up early to iron it out every day. Let your hair do its thing! Do not comb out the curls, scrunch it up with your hands when it is drying. Add a bit of product to enhance your beautiful curls.

Scrunchies and barettes

When they said the nineties were back, they were not kidding! Your hair accessories are taking its cue from this decade. Pick a few barrettes you can wear on the side of your head and fun scrunchies to tie your hair up. If your hair is short, barettes will look great and is a funy way to change up your hairstyle a bit. Do not be afraid to put a pop of color into your hair with scrunchies in different prints and patterns.

Go short

Wearing your hair long can be a comfort zone for most women. We admit that it is easy. Wash it in the day then tie up it. That is one less thing to think about. But if you are itching to try something new, it is time! Visit your favorite stylist and give the go signal to go short. A lob or a bob is an easy change. If you are feeling adventurous, why not a pixie cut?

School girl braids

If you have been growing out your hair for quite some time now and are not ready to chop it all off again, this is for you. Yes, those braids reminiscent of your younger years in gym class can be made stylish again. Add a some volume to your hair with a small beehive before tying your hair into braids.

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